Announcement To:basketball Team Of Class IX-2There Will Be A Basketball Competition For Student At Our

Announcement to:basketball team of class IX-2
There will be a basketball competition for student at our school next month, February 9 to 12. Our team will practice every day during this week.
we have to win . Keep up the good team work !
Class Captain

why do they need a daily intensive training for the competition?
a.there is basket ball competition
b.they have a good team work
c. they want to be a winner
d.student like basketball

Jawaban 1:


Jawaban 2:

C. they want to be winner

Pertanyaan Terkait

......stamp is expensive hobby.we have to buy many kinds of stamps from foreign contries A.collected
C.collecting collects

Jawaban 1:

Jawabannya c. collecting stamp
mengoleksi perangko adalah hobby yg ssangat mahal

semoga membantu

Jawaban 2:

Collecting stamp is expensive hobby. We have to buy many kinds of stamps from foreign contries.

1. is there a mailbox near your house? 2. does much of the world's business depend upon the postal service?
3. how is mail transported?
4. can you give some examples of mail transportation?mention them.
5. when is the mail collected from the mail box?

Jawaban 1:

1. Yes, most of home here have mailbox
2. Postal service has significance role among the development of global business. The shipment of the product could not be replaced by e-mail.
3. Mail is taken by the postman at the beginning of the process. They segregate the mail based on their destination address. 
4. One of the biggest player is DHL and FedEx, both of them are from united states.
5. The mails are collected everyday by the postman. 

Tolong ceritakan kembali cerita di bawah ini !  

                                                       The greedy dog
       One day, a dog stole a big piece of meat and he was very
proud of it. Then, he ran off until he reached the bank of the river. He looked
down into the river water carefully and he saw another dog with a piece of meat
in its mouth.

       Funnily enough, the dog did not realize that it was his own
reflection  in the water. When he was
full, he threw himself on the other dog to steal his meat as well.
Unfortunately, when he was in the water, he had to let go the remains of the
meat to avoid drowning, and so was left with nothing.

Jawaban 1:

Anjing yang serakah

suatu hari si anjing mencuri daging yang sangat besar, dan ia bangga karna itu. Lalu ia berlari sampai ia menapai sungai yang besar. Iamelihat ke air sungai dengan hati-hati. Lalu ia melihat anjing yang di mulutnya terdapat daging yang besar.
Lucunya, si aning tidak menyadari bahwa itu adalah pantulan dirinya sendiri.
Saat ia penuh, ia melempari dirinya sendiri ke anjing lainnya untuk mencuri daging milik si anjing itu. Sayangnya saat di air, ia melepaskan sisa-sisa daging agar tidak tenggelam. Jadi yang tertinggal tidak ada apa-apa

Mana jawaban yang benar She's a very rude woman.
I wish she ______ more polite.
1 were
2 would be
3 had been
Tolong Penjelasannya ya

Jawaban 1:

I wish she (would be) more polite. jawabannya B karena itu menyatakan suatu permintaan....

Jawaban 2:

I wish she (b. would be) more polite

I am beautiful,______ I ?

a) isn't
b) am not
c) aren't
d) don't

Jawaban 1:

I am beautiful , (c. aren't) I?

Jawaban 2:

C) aren't i :D maaf gatau penjelasannya kaya gimana tapi kalo di film seringnya denger itu :D

Disuruh jelasin tentang hanami , harus ada penjelasan mengenai " apa,dimana,kapan,siapa,mengapa,dan bagaimana"

Jawaban 1:

 Apa: hanami adalah teradisi jepang dalam menikmati keindahan bunga khususnya bunga sakura
Dimana : Hanami dapat dilakukan di Jepang atau di tempat yang terdapat bunga khususnya bunga sakura
siapa: semua orang dapat melakukan hanami
mengapa :hanami dilakukan untuk merilekskan pikiran
bagiamana : kita dapat melakukan hanami pada saat piknik di menggelar pesta makan-makan di bawah pohon sakura
kapan : hanami dapat dilakukan di jepang pada akhir maret awal april atau pada saat musim semi telah tiba

Apa yang dimaksud kalimat "Adjectives"?

Jawaban 1:

Kata yang digunakan utk menambahkan arti pada kata benda atau kata sifat yang menerangkan kata benda (nouns) . Contohnya : I wiil buy brorwn bag for my sister

Jawaban 2:

Yaitu kata sifat yang digunakan pada benda atau kalimat

Deskripsi tentang buku minimal 7 kalimat

Jawaban 1:

Kelas: SMP
Pelajaran: English
Kategori: describing objects
Kata kunci: books, description

I'll make the example using the real book entitled 'The Manager: Inside the Mind of Football Leaders' by Mike Carson

1. The book has overall 297 pages with 5 chapters.
2. This book is published by Bloomsbury and still in a good condition.
3. There is a picture of senior world-class football managers on the cover. They are Jose Mourinho, Sir Alex Fergusson and Arsene Wenger.
4. There is still a price tag at the back of the book.
5. This book is a paperback cover edition.
6. This book is written by Mike Carson.
7. This book shows the good reviews from Observer and Sport Magazine on its cover.  

Buatlah teks deskripsi bahasa inggris tentang ular 

Jawaban 1:

The snake is one of the most successful reptiles thrive in the world . In mountains , forests , deserts , plains , farms , neighborhoods , to the sea , may be found snakes . However, as is generally cold-blooded animals , snakes increasingly rare in cold places , such as on the tops of the mountains , in the area of ​​Ireland and New Zealand and the regional areas of snow or polar desert .

Many kinds of snakes all his life wandering in the trees and almost never hit the ground . Many other types of life creeping over the surface of the soil or infiltrate infiltrate under litter or piles of rocks . While most of the other living aquatic or semi - aquatic in rivers , swamps , lakes , and seas .

Snakes prey on various species of animals smaller than her body . Aquatic snakes prey on fish , frogs , tadpoles , fish and even eggs . Snakes and tree snakes prey on terrestrial birds , mammals , frogs , reptiles kinds of others, including its eggs . Large snakes such as pythons and development can prey goats, deer , elk and even humans

Kosa kata BAB Introducing , Around the school. Masing masing 20 hehehe.. :D

Jawaban 1:

Banyak amat 20, aku jawab 3 aja ya
Let me introduce my self
Ladies and getleman, I present to you a new idea
The idea or topic for this paper are

Around the school
The home work which will be submitted tomorrow is very hard
My teachers are awesom
The library is in the corner of the school

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