Bahasa Inggrisnya Kertas Apa ?

Bahasa inggrisnya kertas apa ?

Jawaban 1:

Bahasa inggris kertas itu adalah paper.

Jawaban 2:

Bahasa inggris kertas = paper

Pertanyaan Terkait

Task 3. complete the dialogues below then practice it with your friend! 1.boni: good morning lia. how`s everything?
   lia: good morning, boni. I`m ok.(1)....... and you?
   boni: I`m not so bad (2).....
2.celvin: it is my english project of interviewing, sir.
   mr tio: let me see. (3)........,student!
   celvin: (4)........, sir.
3.tiara: hey, look at this! does this red car fit for me?
   via: ehm... I do not really like.
   tiara: how about the purple one?
   via: that`s it.(5).....,I think
   tiara: really? you kid, but (6).......
4.rhea: wow,(7).......,mom
   mom:of course, I made it special in your birthday dear.
   rhea: (8) I taste just a little?
   mom:of course, you may. eat all but wait for your younger daughter.
5.adra: I have been doubt finding extraordinary thing for you.
   okta: why?
   adra: nothing. just leave a great thing in every moment. may you will like it. a pot of white                lily
   okta: it`s nice and unique gift l`veever had.(9)
   adra: (10).............

task 4. make thanking expression based on these situations!
1. your girlfriend/boyfriend gives you a luxury gift
2. your sister has just bought dinner for you. amaze with your ordering pizza by your mother
4. your friend helped to carry your travel bag.
5. the teacher likes to see your paint.

andy noya: well,come back with me andy noya in kick andy show. now, we have a special                       guest mr.dahlan iskan, our minister of country own work corporation. good                            evening, mr iskan. welcome to kick andy show.
mr. dahlan iskan: good evening, andy. thank you.
andy noya: well, congratulation for your new job as a new minister of country own corporation
mr dahlan iskan: ok. thank you. I think it`s an appreciation for me, never thought it before                               actually
andy noya: let`s go to the point mr iskan, we are so amazed with your works I mean, in your                   new policy in several last years
mr dahlan iskan: really?
andy noya: but flash back to your last project in pln or country electriciity company or before                    it. tell me some of them. I heard that you had been a reporter in tempo                                 magazine and jawa pos chief.
mr dahlan iskan: yes, it`s true. I just did small things as my grateful for god. I could be saved                           from my hepatitis. I run liver transplantation in 2008 in china
andy noya: wow, it`s great! it`s inspiring us.
mr dahlan iskan: thanks andy. I think it`s simple, andy. I only want to share my feeling. for                               me, whatever it is, the choice may be different, the ideology may be                                     different, but the point is how we, can share to others in our work, nothing                             is separate. just simple. that`s what we wanted to convey to all
andy noya: great! give applause for dahlan iskan and all, andy so I can sit and share                               here.thanks a lot.
andy noya: you`re welcome mr. iskan. have a great job for the next policy, we`ll wait some of them later the great discussion. I,andy noya thanks for watching me and see you it the same channel and time next week. see you!

task 2 answer these questions!
1.who is introduced by noya in kick andy program?
2.who is he in this case?
3.what are mr. iskan`s jobs before?
4.what happened with mr.iskan in 2008?
5.has mr.iskan ever be a chief of jawa pos?
6.explain about ideology shown by mr. iskan!
7.mention the praising expression in the dialogue above!
8.mention grateful expression there!

Jawaban 1:

Task 3:
2) thanks too
3) yours
4) here
5) that's more fit to you
6) i don't like purple
7) did u make this cake for me,
8) thank you so mucj
9) thank you
10) you're welcome

task 4:
1) thank you so much honey for the gift. i really love it
2) thanks sist for the dinner, you're my best sista ever
3) what a delicious pizza! this is the best pizza i ever eat
4) thanks for the help
5) thank you miss/miste, it's nothing

task 2 : i'm sorry, too lazy to read the text so i dont know the answer

Jawaban 2:

1 thanks
2 thanks to
3 here
4 yes
5 nice
6 i do not like purple
7 will you made thing for me
8 thanks
9 give you
10 by thx

Percakapan congratulations 2 orang

Jawaban 1:

Kelas: SMA
Pelajaran: English
Kategori: Congratulation
Kata kunci: congratulation, two-people dialogue

The expression of congratulation can be made into formal or informal one.
Example of formal one: I'd like to congratulate for the bride and groom. May you two live happily ever after.
Example of informal one: Congrats, man. You won it.

Choi: Hey, dude, congrats for your wonderful success.
Saul: Huh, what for? I haven't won anything yet.
Choi: Wait, you didn't know yet? You won the scholarship to study in Japan next year. It's in the website.
Saul: Really? whoa, that was unexpected. I thought I failed it.
Choi: Well, you'd better start learning Japanese now.
Saul: Yeah, you're probably right. Anyway, I'd like to congratulate you for your engagement, mate. You're a lucky man. Everyone has been into Ludmilla, but she chooses you instead.
Choi: Thanks, but it's nothing compared to your success. I envy you hehe.
Saul: Well, you can try for the one in Norway. My friend told me, it's a scholarship in Oslo university.
Choi: Is it? I'll just check it then, dude. Thanks for the news.
Saul: Likewise. 

Tolong describe dengan tema "my beloved home"

Jawaban 1:

Rumahku yg indah. bercat merah muda,di depannya dibuat pagar, di dalam terdiri dari ruang tamu,ruang keluarga,2 kamar mandi,2 tempat tidur. di belakang ada taman dipenuhi bunga bunga yg sangat indah dan ayunan

Jawaban 2:

My home.. my everything.. even my home not as huge the president home or a museums.. even my home don't as rich as the businessman home.. i love my home.. because my home protect me from the light of the sun , from the extreme weather , from the cold of the rain.. but i still love my home..home sweet home.. you're my protecter from childhood.. how bad you're you still my home... i called it my beloved home

Soal preposition of place

Jawaban 1:

Misal : The Book is on the table.. Itulah yang namanya preposisi atau peletakkan
Macam macam : On, In, Behind, In Front Of, Under, Above, Beneath, Underneath, Between, Among, Across, After, Around, Behind, Beside, Next To, Below, Between, By, at the corner of, At, Along, Out of, Past dan masih banyak lagi

Once upon a time there were 40 cruel thieves who put their stolen money and treasures in a cave. They went in the cave by saying ”Open Sesame” to the cave entrance. A poor person, named Ali Baba saw them while they were doing that, so he heard the opening word. After they left, he went toward the cave and opened it. Suddenly he found a very large quantity of money and golden treasures. He took some of it and went back home. After that he became a rich man and his brother wanted to know how he became rich.Ali Baba turned into the richest man in his village. His evil brother was really jealous of him, and wanted to know how he could get such a lot of money. Therefore, when Ali Baba went to the cave again to take some more money, his brother followed him. He saw everything, and decided to go back the next day to take some money for himself. The next morning he found a lot of money in the cave, and he wanted to take all of them. Unfortunately, when he was busy carrying the money to his house, the thieves came. The boss of the thieves asked him how he knew about the cave. He told everything, but unluckily they killed him and went to Ali Baba’s house.After finding Ali Baba’s house, they made a plan to kill him the following night. Some of the thieves hid in big jars, and the boss pretended that he was a merchant who wanted to sell the jars to Ali Baba. Ali Baba who was a kind man invited the boss of the thief to have lunch together.After lunch they took a rest. Luckily, the house maid went out of the house, and found that there were thieves inside the jars. She finally boiled hot oil and poured it into the jars to kill all of them. The boss of the thieves was caught, and put into prison.Ali Baba was saved from the danger, and he finally lived happily ever after with his maid who became his wife shortly after 1. what does the stry tell you about?
2. what did alibaba find inside the cave
3. why was his brother jealous of him?
4. what did ali baba's brother say to the boss?
5. who killed all of the thieves?

Jawaban 1:

1. what does the story tell you about? Answer: The story tells us about Ali Baba 2. what did Ali Baba find inside the cave? Answer: Ali Baba found a very large quantity of money and golden treasures. 3. why was his brother jealous of him? Answer: Ali Baba’s brother was jealous of him because he became the richest man in his village. 4. what did ali baba's brother say to the boss? Answer: Ali Baba’s brother said everything he knew about the cave to the boss. 5. who killed all of the thieves? Answer: Ali Baba’s house maid is the person who killed all of the thieves. Penjelasan:Berikut penjelasan untuk jawaban diatas.

  1. Keseluruhan cerita membahas tentang Ali Baba dimulai dari bagaimana ia menemukan gua para pencuri hingga bagaimana ia dapat mengalahkan para pencuri dan hidup bahagia.
  2. Ali Baba menemukan banyak uang dan harta karun emas di dalam gua, hal ini dapat dibuktikan dengan kutipan cerita berikut “After they left, he went toward the cave and opened it. Suddenly he found a very large quantity of money and golden treasures.”
  3. Jawaban untuk soal ini dapat ketahui melalui kutipan cerita berikut “Ali Baba turned into the richest man in his village. His evil brother was really jealous of him, and wanted to know how he could get such a lot of money.”  
  4. Disebutkan dalam kutipan cerita “The boss of the thieves asked him how he knew about the cave. He told everything, but unluckily they killed him and went to Ali Baba’s house.” Bahwa kakak Ali Baba mengatakan segala hal yang ia ketahui mengenai gua tersebut kepada bos, dan hal yang ia ketahui yaitu keberadaan gua tersebut serta cara membukanya yang ia dapatkan melalui adiknya, Ali Baba.
  5. Orang yang membunuh semua pencuri ialah asisten rumah tangga Ali Baba, hal ini terbukti melalui kutipan “Luckily, the house maid went out of the house, and found that there were thieves inside the jars. She finally boiled hot oil and poured it into the jars to kill all of them.”
Semoga membantu. Pelajari lebih lanjut    Pengertian narrative text    Macam- macam narrative text    Contoh narrative text Detil Jawaban    Kelas: IX    Mata Pelajaran: Bahasa Inggris    Bab: Narrative Text    Kode Kategori: 9.5.7 #AyoBelajar  

Contoh teks explanation?

Jawaban 1:

Explanation adalah menerangkan atau menjelaskan, contoh nya adalah explanation about the meaning of evolution
Evolution is subject in Biology lesson. The topic explains about the metamorphosis of creature from the past into the recent forms.  

Tolong Berikan Contoh Short Massage Direktory And List

Jawaban 1:

 saya tau nya ini
Service Name: Google SMS
Text to this number: 46645 ("GOOGL")
Google will also return phone numbers when queried with a person or business name, a city and a state. (By the way, Google also offers a toll-free 411 service at 1-800-GOOG-411.) With that many options, there is no excuse to pay for directory assistance when you can get it for free.

Apa arti nya i like this

Jawaban 1:

 i like this artimya aku suka ini                          

Jawaban 2:

Saya suka ini :D
gampang sekali

tolong terjemahkan ke dalam bahasa inggris yag benar. libur semester 1 kemarin, saya belum beruntung karena keluargaku ada yang sakit yaitu pamanku. dan harus di rawat di rumah sakit. pada tanggal 26 desember pamanku sakit dan sudah di periksa beberapa kali ke dokter namun kondisinya semakin turun. akhirnya ayah ku di bawa ke rumah sakit Geriarti di purwokerto. disana paman langsung di tangani dan di periksa seluruh tubuhnya. setelah di periksa ternyata terlihat ada cairan di dalam otak. dan harus di keluarkan segera dengan jalan operasi. operasi di lakukan pada tanggal 1 januari setelah mendapat persetujuan keluarga. operasi berjalan dengan lancar dan paman di bawa ke ruang ICU selama 2 hari. kondisi badan pamanku setelah di operasi makin membaik dan paman di pindahkan dari ruang ICU ke ruang perawatan. selama 5 hari di ruang perawatan, paman sudah boleh pulang karena kondisi tubuhnya sudah stabil. saya sangat senang karena paman sekarang sudah sehat, dan keluarga ku sekarang harus menjaga paman agar tidak sakit lagi

Jawaban 1:

1 semester break yesterday, I have not been lucky because my family is sick there is my uncle. and must be treated in hospital. on the 26th of December my uncle has been in hospital and check several times to the doctor, but his condition continued to decline. My dad finally brought to the hospital in Navan Geriarti. handled directly uncle there and his whole body in check. after the check turns out to look no fluid in the brain. and must be issued immediately by way of operating. operation done on January 1, after obtaining the approval of the family. operation running smoothly and uncle brought to the ICU for 2 days. conditions in the body after surgery my uncle is getting better and uncle on the move from the ICU to the ward. for 5 days in the treatment room, the uncle has been allowed to go home because her condition is stable. I am very happy because my uncle is now healthy, and my family now have to keep an uncle that does not hurt anymore.

Narrative teks yang bagus 

Jawaban 1:


One day,something happened which really changed the lives of two girls,rosalind and celia.there was a wrestling tournament at the court.che tosarles,a famous wrestler,had come to display his strength and skill .he wrestling with three brothers and defeated them all easily,one after the other.then,still fresh and smiling,he was ready for his fourth opponent.
the fourth opponent was a noble and handsome youth,much younger than charles . the girls pitied him instanly and begged him not to wrestly ."charles is an extremely strong fighter .he will kill you",they told him "you have no chance of winning.dont risk your life !"
"ladies,i thank you for your kindness"the young man replied."let him kill me .it doesnt matter ,because i have no frriends to grieve over my death ." strength ," she told him,"but i would add that to yours."the young man smiled gratefully at her .then he turned away from the ladies to face charles,the champion wrestler .the match began.

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