Contoh Percakapan/dialog Tentang Pujian Temanmu Terhadap Model Gaya Rambut Baruku

Contoh percakapan/dialog tentang pujian temanmu terhadap model gaya rambut baruku

Jawaban 1:

Kenzo :Hi how are you David?
David : Good
Kenzo : How my hair cool or not?
David : Cool, that's what kind of hairstyle?
Kenzo : This kind of hairstyle hairstyles Zayn Malik!
David : Fine if so I want a haircut like you
Kenzo : But they're expensive!
David : How?
Kenzo : Two Hundred thousand "Temple - the temple, so do not follow"
David : Fine if so not so "Sad because of expensiveness"

Pertanyaan Terkait

Contoh indicator of time

Jawaban 1:

Since, when, for, last ___, ___ago, 

Buat text hartatory explenation  yang berjudul effect of insomnia

Jawaban 1:

Effect of Insomnia
Horatory -> thesis -> reason -> suggestion

Insomnia is kind of illness that makes people hard to sleep. Due to its negative effect, this illness is categorized as the dangerous symptoms. The reason could be classified from Internal feelings of the person. Therefore if we have this illness, better to have consultation toward the doctor. We stand to benefit by the greater time of sleep that we have. 

Judul yang cocok untuk pidato bahasa inggris tema korupsi apa ya?

Jawaban 1:

The biggest corupption

Contoh hortatory tentang bahaya narkoba untuk siswa

Jawaban 1:

Tema - argumen - saran (horatori) 

Drugs are one of the most significant killer and future destroyer for teenager. It is due to the side effect of drugs which cannot be controlled by our mind. Therefore the best way not to get involved in drugs activities are by not to get close with it. 

Buatlah kalimat dengan gerund "enjoying"

Jawaban 1:

Iam enjoing in finishing my homework

Jawaban 2:

We enjoying the film atau we enjoying the scenary

10 contoh kalimat command and request dalam bahasa inggris

Jawaban 1:

Ini yang ane dapet
Contoh Kalimat:
My mother commanded me to help her.
(Artinya: Ibuku memerintahku untuk membantunya)
The teacher ordered the students to do the exercise.
(Artinya: guru memerintah murid-murid mengerjakan latihan)
I told you to be quiet.
(Artinya: Saya menyuruhmu diam)
He asked me to open the window.
(Artinya: Dia memerintahku untuk membuka jendela)
You must write the lessson.
(Artinya: Kamu harus menulis/ mencatat pelajaran itu)
You must go home now.
(Artinya: Kamu harus pulang sekarang)
This table shall be cleaned.
(Artinya: Meja ini hendaknya dibersihkan)
This book shall be read together.
(Artinya: Buku ini hendaknya dibaca bersama-sama)

Apa2 saja adverb, time connection,action verb nya? tolong ya? WONDERFUL ADVENTURES IN MY LIFE

I remembered the time when I was in elementary
school. That time was happy time to me. It was because in elementary school, I
did many activities which ware very enjoying. For the example, in holiday, I
and my family went to central java. There, I could meet my other families like
grandmothers, grand fathers, cousins, and many others.

Besides I could meet my other families, I also could
visit traditional  house there for the
example I visited keratin Yogyakarta. In that keratin I saw many instruments
from central java like flute, tambourine,drum,gung,and other musuc instruments.
I also saw many pictures of the leader from the first until the new one. From
those pictures gave knowledge for me about who people that ever led keratin
Yogyakarta .

Then, when I visited keratin Yogyakarta , I also saw
many tourists who visited that place. One of them was from England and she
introduced herself to me. Her name was angela. She was beautiful by having
blond hair , and she had blue eyes. We gave our phone number each other. I got
a new friend.

After visiting that keratin, I and my family backed
to my grandma’s  house. Then, I and my
family at evening continued to visit bringharjo market. Bringharjo market was a
traditional market which was every famous in central java. The first impression
when I looked  market. It was so
beautiful, even though it was very crowded.




Lexico grammatical:

Regural verb:                remembered







Irregural verb:              saw

Indifidual participant: angela, grandmothers, grand father











Jawaban 1:

Adverbnya there dan nama2 tempat juga termasuk adverb of place

Buatlah kalimat dengan kata  1. security
4. emptiness
5. silent

Jawaban 1:

-my job is for the security -the bed is so comfortable -no one will silent,if the teacher is angry -can you full my empitiness heart? -this astonish is not belong to you! Jadikan aku yg terbaik ya!

Jawaban 2:

1. Security: The security was chasing thief 
2. silent: when in the library of all students are expected to be silent 
3. comfertable: life should be made ​​comfortable 
4. emptiness: emptiness makes us hollow 
5.astonish: the situation is very astonish

Contoh "functional text" apaaa?

Jawaban 1:

Prepare your : - hand phone - battery charger
Steps :
1. Connect the charger to your hand phone, the flash symbol on the charger plugmust face upward.
2. Wait until the battery icon appears on the screen.
3. Charge the battery approximately 5 hours or until the battery icon indicates that the battery is fully charged.
4. Remove the charger by pulling out from your hand phone.

Narrative teks yang bagus 

Jawaban 1:


One day,something happened which really changed the lives of two girls,rosalind and celia.there was a wrestling tournament at the court.che tosarles,a famous wrestler,had come to display his strength and skill .he wrestling with three brothers and defeated them all easily,one after the other.then,still fresh and smiling,he was ready for his fourth opponent.
the fourth opponent was a noble and handsome youth,much younger than charles . the girls pitied him instanly and begged him not to wrestly ."charles is an extremely strong fighter .he will kill you",they told him "you have no chance of winning.dont risk your life !"
"ladies,i thank you for your kindness"the young man replied."let him kill me .it doesnt matter ,because i have no frriends to grieve over my death ." strength ," she told him,"but i would add that to yours."the young man smiled gratefully at her .then he turned away from the ladies to face charles,the champion wrestler .the match began.

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