Saya Mau Bertanya Tentang Materi Adjective Clause. Bagaiman Cara Membedakan Apakah Soal Ini Diberi Relative

Saya mau bertanya tentang materi adjective clause. bagaiman cara membedakan apakah soal ini diberi relative prounoun atau tidak.
terima kasih.

Jawaban 1:

Adjective clause : adalah kumpulan frase untuk memberikan tambahan informasi suatu benda 

Ikan, yang berwarna merah, pasti rasanya enak
Fish, which has red color, must have a delicious taste. 

Membedakan relative pronoun(who, whose, whom, which, that) atau tidak adalah dengan melihat apakah pronoun tersebut setelah kata benda yang ingin dijelaskan. 

Apabila bukan setelah kata benda maka dia buka relative pronoun
who is this guy <- bukan 
The man, who just won the prize, wore a red shirt 

Pertanyaan Terkait

Contoh dialog complaning, possibility, and curiosity??

Jawaban 1:

Contoh complaining:
Complaint about air conditioning

Reception:   How can I help you?
Costumer:   Yes, I'm in room 543. The air conditioning isn't working properly.
Reception:   What the matter with it?
Costumer:   It only blows hot air.
Reception:   I'll send someone to check it, but if there is a problem with it the only thing I can do is to send you a fan until tomorrow when the maintenance comes.
Costumer:   Couldn't we have another room.
Reception:   I am very sorry but all our rooms are occupied. If the problem persists tomorrow and we have a vacancy we can change you then or help you find more comfortable accomodations.
Costumer:   OK, thank you.

Jawaban 2:

Tia: Yes, sir.
(Walking to the front of the class, then reading a text)
Firman: Can you hear that?
Sahrul: Hear what?
Firman: Her voice. I can’t hear her voice.
Sahrul: Neither can I. But…
Teacher: Both of you! What are you discussing?
Firman: It’s about Tia, sir. Her voice is too quiet. We can’t hear her.
Teacher: You should have asked her to read louder rather than to talk to yourselves each other.
Firman&Sahrul: We are sorry, sir.

2,2 milyar dalam mata uang dolar senilai dengan ?........
$ 210,000
atau 2,2 billion ?

Jawaban 1:

Billion = Milyar
Million = Juta
Tetapi, bila 2,2 milyar rupiah dibuat ke dalam dolar, maka sekitar $210,000. Karena dolar dengan rupiah kan lebih tinggi dolar...

Jawaban 2:

Yaitu, senilai dengan $210,000

Apa "take off" menjadi "took off" dalam bentuk past tense? Seperti took a bath..

Jawaban 1:

Iya karena bentuk lampau harus menggunakan verb 2 misal take menjadi took 

Jawaban 2:

Iya karena take (v1) kalau dibuat pastnya itu took(v2) sedangkan past participlenya taken(v3)

Yang bisa jawab pertanyaan ini dapat pulsa 5 ribu!!! Tolong buatkan teks recount tentang camping menggunakan past tense dan perfect tense!!
tidak boleh copast, jika jaawabannya bagus dan saya pilih , akan saya kasih pulsa

Jawaban 1:

Last holliday my class agreed to camping. we decided to camping near the hill. and at the next week we went there by bus. we arrived at 2pm, even the time showed 2pm but the temperature felt so cold here. but it didn't make us felt lazy.

the boys try to searched a wood to made a fire in the night, and the girls try to built the tent. after we finished. we went to the nearest river to catched some fish. we didn't brought a hook but we made it with small branch and yarn and of course with a little worm.

and after 2 hours in the river, we success to collected 12 fish. and my watch has show 5pm. so we decided to made a fire because the forest became more dark. and with the boys brought their guitar, we sang a lot of song in the night. and some people cooked the fish.

we started to eat the fish, and the taste just so delicious. when time showed 9pm. we decided to tell about horror's story. even it was scary but it was fun too. and at 11pm, we decided to sleep in our tent.

Complete these sentences using "Too" 1. You have a colour television set and Mr. Harry ______________

Jawaban 1: have a colour television set and Mr.harry does too
2. you have a colour television set and so does Mr.harry have a colour television set and Mr.harry too

Jawaban 2:

Need that.
 hanya itu jawabanya

Maksud dari peribahasa inggris berikut: a. the pen is mightier than sword
b.any time means no time
c.all is fair in love and war
d.all days are short to industry and long to idlieness

Jawaban 1:

A. seseorang dapat menyebabkan orang untuk mengubah pendapat mereka (misalnya, untuk berperang) dan dalam skala besar sedangkan pedang hanya dapat mengubah pendapat seseorang secara paksa dan kemudian sering hanya mengakibatkan kematian seseorang.

b. jika seseorang gagal untuk melakukan pekerjaan pada waktu yang tepat dan menunda untuk beberapa waktu lain karena kemalasan nya, maka dia tidak bisa menyelesaikan pekerjaan yang dilakukan setiap saat.

Orang-orang di dalam kasih dan tentara di masa perang tidak terikat dengan aturan fair play.

Erina buys a dress and shoes Saya mau mastikan lagi, penggalan kata perkata dari kalimat tersebut.
Erina = noun
buys= verb
thank you :)

Jawaban 1:

Maksudnya gimana ya?
Erina = Noun (Subject)
Buys = Verb
A dress and Shoes = Noun (Object)

Jawaban 2:

Itu maksudnya gimana?
kalau bhs indonesia:
Erina = noun
membeli = verb

Buatlah naskah drama komedi b. inggris dengan pemeran 5 atau 6 orang!

Jawaban 1:

Naughty Rat - Rat - Drama Script

The atmosphere in front of the school on an afternoon after school . Seen a school kid named Derrick bought some peanuts from a bag shop .

He soon returned to rumahnya.Anting Pendan Swarovski Crystals 3D Dome AKS10

Deri home atmosphere . Deri opened his shoes and socks . He just put it in the back door of his house . He then immediately went to his room . His mother saw action Deri .

Mother : ( angry ) " Derrick , do not put your shoes carelessly . Kan , already the mother provide special shelf for storing shoes . "

Derrick : ( wiping sweat from his brow ) " right Deri tired , Mom . Today its sultry taste really. Anyway , right there Surti Bi . "

Mother : " Bi Surti returned home for three days . Anyway , why do you ask Bi Surti ? "

Deri " Surti Bi Usually it is like clearing my shoes . "

Mother : ( annoyed ) " For something like this , you could sense Mrs. ngerjakannya own . "

Derrick : ( immediately took his shoes and socks that had a jumble ) " Aahh ... Mom . "

Deri immediately went into his room . Atmosphere of the room changed to Deri . In the room , there is a small bed , a fan , a desk , and a trash can . Deri lay down on his bed . He threw his bag to the side under the desk. He had not changed his uniform . Then , he turned on the fan.

Derrick : ( while reading a book that he takes from the desk study ) " Ahh ... so it better .... "

Deri unwrapping beans that he bought earlier. He opened one by one and just throw peanut shells under his bed .

Atmosphere of the night . Derrick could not sleep . He heard strange noises .

Ciiitttt ... cit ... cittt .... Deri fear . From under his bed , out of a rat .

Deri shocked . He is most afraid of mice . Not long ago , few rats out from under his bed . Derrick took the broom fibers .

Derrick : ( trying to repel the rats ) " Ukhhh ... disturb it! " ( Hit a rat )

Some rats even approached Deri .

Derrick : ( scared and screaming ) " Mommy, Mommy tolongin Derrick ! "

Mother : ( opening the room door Deri ) "What you really shout ? "

Derrick : ( pale face ) " Mother , many si Jerry ! "

Mother : " Jerry , who 's Jerry ? "

Derrick : ( pointing under his bed ) " mean Deri many small rodents . "

Mother : ( confused ) "Where ? "

Derrick : " It was under the bed Deri !

Deri fear . Derrick does not want to sleep in the room Deri . "

Mother : "Well , tonight you're sleeping with your sister alone . "

Atmosphere the morning . Mom came into the room

Deri . He was surprised to see garbage strewn under the bed Deri .

Mother : ( shouting , his face sullen )

" Derii ... here ! "

Derrick : ( wearing school uniform ) " Yes what is it , Mom ? "

Mother : " Look ! " ( Pointing to garbage strewn ) " You slob all. No wonder a lot of rats in your room . "

Derrick : ( embarrassed and downcast ) " Out of what , then? "

Mother : " Well anyway, even asked . From now on you have to maintain the cleanliness of your room . You do not throw litter again . Kan , already the mother provide the trash in your room ( pointing to the trash ) .

What needs to be Mom made ​​signpost warning here ? "
Derrick : "I could have been . Deri promise not to throw litter again .
Deri cured at the Jerry - Jerry naughty . "
Mother : ( smiles ) " Well, now you go to school . After school , you must clean up your room . "
Derrick : " Well , Mom ! "
Since then , Derrick always maintain the cleanliness of his room .

I don't know how to arrange these flowers, I'd rather... a. do it
b. had it
c. have it done
d. it has been done
e. has done

Jawaban 1:

E. has done
kayaknya sih eheheh

Jawaban 2:


Create dialogs based on the situations below situations 1 : you are at farewell party at your school. a friend has just finished singing a song well. you offer compliment to her. and she rejects the compliment. what do you and your friend say?

Jawaban 1:

me  : your song was so amazing
him : thank you again
me  : we'll split up ....
him : yes ... but I hope we'll meet again someday
me  : I too .....
him : I'll see you again, you have to promise we will meet again
me  : yea ... I promise you, and someday we will meet again

aku : lagumu tadi sangat menakjubkan
dia  : terima kasih kembali
aku : kita akan berpisah....
dia  : ya...tapi aku harap kita akan bertemu lagi suatu saat nanti
aku : aku juga.....
dia  : sampai jumpa lagi,kau harus berjanji kita akan bertemu lagi
aku : ya...aku berjanji,dan suatu saat nanti kita bakal ketemu lagi

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